Foundation Course
1st YearGroup-based

Associates work together as they firm their ambitions in an atmosphere of friendly rivalry.

Drawing on the same basic elements of learning sustained from MIGM’s foundation in 1980, all associates from the same year develop and pursue a course of study that also includes engaging with current issues. Living together on campus, associates motivate and learn from each other as they engage in a process of rigorous self-questioning that solidifies their determination to become leaders in their respective professions.

Exploring basic principles

Exploring human, historical and national perspectives

Study of Japanese traditions inclusive of an international perspective

Tea ceremony, calligraphy, kendo, meditation, international communication

Research on key issues for Japan

Politics, foreign policy, national security, economy,public finance, social security, energy, education,medical and nursing care issues, etc.

Cultivation of leadership qualities

Dawn training, 100-kilometer march, learning the founder’s philosophy, camp, assistance for disaster-affected areas

Experience-based/practical learning

Agriculture and fisheries, manufacturing and sales,policy-making

Dawn run
Five-minute morning presentations
Lecture Series
(Guest: Y. Yamashita, 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist – Judo)
Workshop (with Prof. Yuasa, Hosei University)
Discussing Japan-China relations
(Chinese Embassy, Tokyo)

Advanced Practical Course
2nd year – 4th yearIndividual-based

Associates engage in research and practice based on their own area of interest.

At this level, associates are expected to create their own courses of study and engage in research and practical activities in Japan and abroad. Discussion is deepened through regular progress reports back on campus, while the results of associates’ activities are rigorously examined at twice-yearly review meetings. A graduation forum is held at the end of the final year as an opportunity for associates to reach out to the public with what they have learned in their four years at MIGM.

Community-building that utilizes nearby marine

Looking at how to enhance Japan’s public diplomacy
and international exchange

Examining interest in political participation among school students

Conducting studies on emergency preparedness and disaster management

Experiencing farming while exploring means of revitalizing increasingly depopulated local communities

Researching ways to fully utilize in-house resources in Japanese companies and strengthen their international competitiveness

Learning about the quest for manufacturing excellence
Exploring Japanese traditions
Walking 100 kilometers in 24 hours
Congressional internship program in Washington, D.C.
Seminar on National Security and Defense
High school students learn about the right to vote
Regional revitalization